This is the information website for D-STAR Reflector 077 located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

Reflector 77 is proud to be the home of the Tennessee Digital Amateur Radio Group’s Friday night D-STAR Net.  The net begins at 00:00 UTC and lasts until 01:00 UTC.  Reflector Module C is used for the net.  D-STAR users may connect directly to Reflector 77C via hotspot-type devices or through various D-STAR repeaters that connect to it.  See the Dashboard for a list of repeaters.

Reflector 77 Linking Schedule

D-STAR RepeaterModule LinkedLocationNote/Comment
KK4BXE CModule CCleveland, TNLinked 24x7
KM4JXA CModule CKnoxville, TNLinked 24x7
KM4MCN CModule CBenton, TNLinked 24x7
W4PL CModule CChattanooga, TN4 AM - 8:30 PM Daily
W4LETMemphis, TNDuring Friday Night D-STAR Net
WD4WDWModule BDisney World9 AM - 3 PM Daily

Visit the D-STAR Reflector Listing.

Modules Available:  A, B, C, & D via 1 GB (up/down) fiber Internet connection.

Current Status:  Up & Running

Server:  Dell (Multi-Core Processors, RAID SSD Drives, Backup/Redundant Power)

Reflector Type:  dPlus
Thanks to Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC, for developing and maintaining the dPlus software.

System Administrator/Owner:  Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX

Contact Administrator:  administrator@nullreflector77.net

Reflector 77 is privately owned by:  Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX